Baldwinsville Girls Field Hockey Apparel

Apparel will distributed to you once all the orders are fulfilled.
The preorder period will run from Friday, August 25th to Monday, September 4th.
***Apparel preorders are closed. (To reopen, unarchive products under BVFH*)

Please review your cart for correct sizing and colors before you checkout as each piece is made to order and there will not be any extras available for exchanges or refunds. If you need to make a change after you receive your order, you will have to make a separate order and pay all the fees again.

*Youth sizes are available for t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies. In the dropdown menu, youth sizes are indicated with the letter "Y" (ex. Youth Small is "YS"). 

If you want your item customized, please purchase the "Custom Order" option and write us a comment in the Notes section before checkout with the Name/Number, Sleeve/Back, and which piece of apparel you would like it on. If you need more than one piece of apparel customized, please purchase more than one "Custom Order" option. *Customization options are ONLY for non-embroidered apparel items. We will not customize any embroidery.